IBF Constitution



  1. The organisation shall be known as the Irish Bowls Federation (herein referred to as “the Federation”).


  • The objects of the Federation are to: –
  • Promote and develop the sport of bowls in Ireland (“the sport”);
  • Represent Ireland in all matters concerned with the sport where there is a common interest across all disciplines and, where appropriate, to promote a common disciplinary code among all bowlers selected to represent Ireland;
  • Act as the lead organisation for bowls in Northern Ireland for the purposes of managing the Performance Focus, Athlete Investment Programme and any future Sport NI investment programmes; Irish Sports Council investment will continue to be managed by the Bowling League of Ireland;
  • Lead on Safeguarding of Children and vulnerable adults to ensure all affiliated organisations adhere to requirements of the child protection audit;
  • Lead on anti-doping and ensure all affiliated organisations are WADA code-compliant;
  • Shall lead on all governance policy areas and ensure that all affiliated organisations adhere to all policies and requirements.  Sport specific policies such as published selection methods will remain the responsibility of the discipline’s governing body;
  • Act as representative in an international context where relevant in a multi-discipline context. 
  • To act as a conduit to enhance the sport through taking responsibility for areas such as athlete development, coaching development, facility development and licensing, press and legal issues.
  • Ensure that all member-governing bodies shall have a transparent and open selection procedure for Ireland. 


  •  Membership of the Federation shall be open to the Governing    

Bodies of bowls in Ireland and all of their affiliate* members and are the following associations:

  • Irish Bowls Association 
  • Irish Women’s Bowls Association
  • Association of Irish Indoor Bowls
  • Irish Women’s Indoor Bowls Association

*(e) Irish Bowls Coaches Association, Irish Bowls Umpires Association, Visually impaired, Deaf and Disabled bowlers as affiliated members.

  • A member association shall cease to be a member;
  • If the association gives to the Federation’s Secretary written notice of its decision to withdraw from the Federation;
  • If in the Federation’s reasonable opinion, the member association’s continued membership would be harmful to the Federation, the Executive may vote on the member association’s removal and if approved by a simple majority the member association shall be expelled from the Federation;
  • Membership is not transferable;
  • Should two or more Governing Bodies withdraw from membership the Federation shall be wound up.


4.1  The management of the Federation shall be vested in an Executive Committee (“the Executive”) consisting of a two representatives from each of the member associations

4.2  Each representative shall serve for a period of four years and no one can serve more than two consecutive terms.  The founding members shall serve for periods of 1, 2, 3 or 4 years to allow for continuity.  The period to be served to be determined by ballot.  

4.3 The representatives shall appoint one of their number to act as the Chairman and one to serve as a Secretary/Treasurer, each for a period of one year. In following years the Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer shall be appointed based on a rota of IBA, IWBA, AIIB, and IWIBA.  The Chairman and/or Secretary/Treasurer may serve for more than one term.

  • In the event of a vacancy arising on the Executive from among the member associations, the member association whose representative gave rise to the vacancy shall nominate a replacement;  

4.5  Any representative of a member association who no longer represents their association shall cease automatically to be a member of the Executive.

  •       The Executive shall have the following responsibilities and duties:
  •       To manage all the affairs of the Federation; 
  •       To implement the decisions of the Annual General     

             Meetings and Extraordinary Meetings;

  •      To provide fully documented and prioritised bids for financial support from Sport NI and other funders in accordance with the criteria set out by Sport NI and other funding bodies. On receipt of the bids the Federation shall pass them, un-amended, to Sport NI and other funders for consideration. The Federation shall in no way suggest prioritisation between the bids and should further detail be requested by Sport NI or other funders this will be requested from the original submitting organisation.

When Sport NI or any other funding bodies have has determined those bids to be supported in accordance with its funding policies and the quality of the bids, the Federation shall advise all organisations which submitted bids of the outcome of their bid. 

  •  The quorum of the Executive shall be six. 

4.8  The Executive Committee shall meet as often as required, as determined by the Chairman and Secretary/ Treasurer, to carry out the efficient exercise of its function subject to there being at least two meetings in any calendar year.  All decisions shall be by simple majority of those in attendance.  The Chairman shall have a substantive vote and a casting vote in the event of a tie.  Should matters requiring a vote arise, each Association will have 1 vote.


5.1  An AGM shall be held at intervals of no more than 15 months and no later than three months after 31st March each year.

5.2  At least 14 days notice of a General Meeting shall be given to Federation Members and the Governing Bodies.  The time and place of each meeting shall be at the discretion of the Federation.

5.3 Annual (AGM) and Extraordinary (EGM) meetings of the Federation shall be comprised of Federation Members and up to ten delegates from each of the Governing Bodies.  

5.4  Resolutions at AGM shall be passed by simple majority of the votes cast. The Chair shall have an ordinary vote and a casting vote should the number of additional votes for or against a proposal be equal. Resolutions for an AGM must be submitted to the Hon. Sec./Treas. at least 28 days before the date of the AGM


      6.1  An EGM can be summoned by the Federation Chairman where either the Executive Committee feels it necessary or at the request of a Governing Body.  

6.2 At least 14 days notice of a General Meeting shall be given to Executive Committee and the Governing Bodies.  The time and place of each meeting shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6.3  Notice of the meeting shall include the business to be discussed and no other matter can be dealt with.  In the case of a request by a Governing Body the Secretary/Treasurer shall arrange the meeting to take place within 21 days of the request being received by him/her.

6.4  Resolutions at EGM shall be passed by simple majority of the votes cast. The Chair shall have an ordinary vote and a casting vote should the number of additional votes for or against a proposal be equal.


  • The Federation’s financial year shall end on the 31st March in every year, to which day the accounts shall be balanced and drawn;
  • Copies of the audited accounts shall be distributed to every member association with the notice convening the AGM.
  • The Auditor shall be appointed at the AGM and shall hold office to the next AGM and may not be affiliated to any member associations.
  • All monies received by the Federation shall be paid into an account in the name of the Federation in a bank nominated by the Executive.   
  • All monies received by or on behalf of the Federation shall be deposited to the credit of the Federation’s bank account. 
  • Minutes from meetings are to be made available to members within 28 days of every meeting.


8. The Chair and executive members shall not be paid by the Federation but may be remunerated their reasonable receipted expenses which are properly incurred and agreed in the exercise of their duties and discharge of their responsibilities as previously arranged by the Federation.


9. The Irish Bowls Federation shall implement an equality policy.  The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment of the IBF executive members, to the promotion of equality of opportunity in the IBF.

It is our policy to provide employment where available to all irrespective of:

  • Gender, including gender reassignment
  • Marital or civil partnership status
  • Having or not having dependents
  • Religious belief or political opinion
  • Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, being an Irish Traveller)
  • Disability
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age


10. The Irish Bowls Federation is committed to a practice, which protects children and vulnerable adults from harm. Members, coaches and officials of the Federation and its affiliate Associations must accept and recognise their responsibilities about safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and should endeavour to carry these out by; –

  • Having an awareness of the issues which cause children and vulnerable adults harm
  • Adopting child protection and vulnerable adults guidelines for coaches and officials
  • Providing information about safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and good practice to children, parents, coaches and officials.
  • Sharing information about concerns with children and vulnerable adults, parents and others who need to know
  • Following carefully the procedures for the recruitment and selection of coaches and officials
  • Being involved in training
  • Keeping Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults under regular review. For more information details are available in the hand-out entitled Code of Ethics, Good Practice for Children’s Sport available from the Honorary Secretary or from Sport NI)


11. The Executive of the Irish Bowls Federation hereby resolves that the anti-doping rules of the Irish Bowls Federation, all member Associations and their affiliate organisations are the Irish anti-doping rules as amended from time to time.  


12. The Executive shall ensure that the Federation’s collective risk and those             of its officers and Trustees are covered by a suitable policy of insurance.


13. The Constitution of the Federation can only be amended by the unanimous agreement of the Governing Bodies in membership at a General Meeting.


 14.1 The Federation may only be wound up or dissolved, at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive called for that purpose and by a resolution of half of the Executive. If on the winding up or dissolution of the Federation, and after settlement of all its debts and liabilities, any property that remains must be given or transferred via the Executive members to another recognised constituted body or association having parity of objective to the original Federation.

Name: John Millar                                             Name: Colin Campbell

Position: Chairman IBF                                    Position: Hon. Sec./Treas. IBF

Signed:________________________                Signed:___________________________